After three attempts to get a smog test done at 101 Express Smog I decided to look for an alternative.  I looked on the internet and found this place.  I like that they have been in Petaluma since 1983.  I called and they were able to do a smog test right away.  The test took about 20 minutes.  They were friendly and got me on my way as quickly as possible.  Exactly what I was looking for!  I'm glad I found this place and we will be taking all our cars here from now on.  Excellent service!  Thanks so much!
— Caiden R.
Went in today to have my car smog checked for my DMV renewal.  The owner, which is very nice, stayed late to get my car taken car of.  He also honored my coupon, even though I forgot it at home.  After chatting with him, I learned he's been doing smog checks for over twenty years and is obviously knowledgeable.

He also gave me some solid recommendations on where I could get my vehicle worked on.  Since I'm semi new to the area, it's nice to have a few option of where to take my car.

He gave such great service that I came home and created a profile on Yelp so I could post here about him.  He's got my smog check business from now on.

Thanks for the review that lead me here Jes!
— G.J.
I have been to Super Sonic three times.  Each time Randy has done a good job of either doing the smog check or explaining what needed to be done to get my vehicle to pass.  The stars say it all,  this is as good as it gets.  One tip for you,  approach from Washington on Lakeville st.  It makes things easier.
— Robert C.
Got a notice from DMV that I was delinquent on my registration so I needed a smog test asap. I called and they said no appt needed, first come first serve. I went over on my lunch break and they had me in and out in a half hour with a competitive price and great service! I'll definately be taking my car back in another 2 years when it comes due again :)
— Beth S.
randy Jensen took care of it  he had a fast answer for my smog issue sent me off to the muffler works with his referral  got a good price on new catalytic
then got me right in and completed the test  i felt like this guy did a great job
will count on him in the future
— Rick H.
Had to get a Smog performed on my car for my DMV renewal this year and found a coupon for this place in the Costco member discount book.  I had seen one other place not too far away from this one and stopped in to price checked them first because they had advertised that you got a free tank of gas and free car wash with your smog.  The guy there quoted me $70 out the door - so I guess compared to the $29.95 I was gonna get at Sonic Smog the car wash and tank of gas were not really "free." At their competitor

I headed right over to Sonic Smog and Jim (I think that was his name) greeted me right away.  He took my DMV renewal paperwork and Costco coupon and processed everything right away.  The office was warm and clean.  I signed the estimate and took a seat while he performed the smog on my car.  In no time at all he had completed the smog.  Jim was super friendly and professional.  Once all the paperwork was completed I was out the door for under $40 (you need to pay and additional $8+ dollars for a certificate).

I would defiantly recommend this shop and will be sure to use them in the future for my smog needs.  It was fast, clean, discounted, and great service.

Thanks Sonic Smog!
— Jes C.
Went in for Smog test today.  I have never had such good service & help in my 84 years.
I was in & out quickly , and forgot my registration notice.  It was delivered to me, at home
by the front office guy.  It cannot get any better than that!!!! These guys are GREAT !!!!
— Pasty T.
My usual guy was down for the count, something about his testing equipment borking. I searched yelp for nearby shops and went here because it was close. Boy am I glad I did. The guys were perfect, they weren't hand holders but I'm a guy, I don't need or want my hand held. The tech went the extra mile (and a half) and got me out of there with a smile on my face. While he took care of my old vehicle (a long time) he hooked up and tested four different new cars. They were each out of there in 16 minutes so...now you know.
— Kevin G.
This place was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm so grateful. I was smog testing a vehicle prior to its sale, and while I had to wait hours (I had a big, older vehicle - saw others go in and out much faster than I did) it was well worth it. Randy and his crew are selfless, caring individuals who personalize you're experience and really do the best they can to get you in and out smoothly with a pass. thanks!
— Christie B.
Randy knows his stuff!!! He also was very friendly and helpful, the value was also superlative, I was quoted $40 more at other stations for the same work. Front office guy has a great dry humor, would use the place again.
— Lorna C.

I had my 29 foot RV smogged at Super Sonic and it was a great experience, especially after so many of the other places who smog RVs would only see me very early in the morning. Their flexibility was a welcome relief.

The turn into the location was a little tight for my rig, and Randy came running out and drove it in for me since I"m relatively new behind the wheel...which was a huge relief, and let me know that I was in good hands.

They got me in right away and I was back on the road before I know it!
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— Kim C.
For fast, efficient, affordable, and professional service, this is the place to be.

I was in and out in about 30 mins (I showed up around the lunch hour, and there was one customer ahead of me), so they are men of their word when it comes to speedy service.

The staff was friendly, helpful, and professional. Turns out my PCV valve had come loose, and they reattached it at no extra charge -- can't beat that for top notch service!

Furthermore, these guys charge way less -- at least $40 less -- than other service stations for the same work, and I doubt another station would've happily reattached a PCV valve without charging something extra.

For no-nonsense, top-notch service, go here. If you want frills and want someone to blow sunshine up your rear for an additional $40-50, go elsewhere.

But if you're smart, you'll choose this spot.
— Ricky C.
After being misled by 2 different smog shops I was losing faith my commuter would ever pass. They really went out of their way and took care of my needs, gave me solid advice and just got a loyal customer for life. Avoid the scammers and use the best around. Thank you for being honest with me.
— Bill V.
Best place to get your smog done. It's great cause no appointment needed. My daughter in law got her car done today. Randy is a honest business owner and you can count on him. He's a well known person with a honest friendly reputation. He will not over charge you. It was great cause while he's smogging other cars you can relax and wait. He's fast and good at what he does. He will not over charge you or do unnecessary work. You know when you go to Super Sonic Smog your sure to get things done.
— Susan C.
This place is jammed packed with customers! Has to be great! I ordered a split slush/soft serve: tropical dragon fruit (mango dragon fruit peach). $8.50 large.
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— Mike M.
Went here the first time because I did an interview for the Press Democrat with OG, sign spinner extraordinaire. Thought so highly of him I wanted to patronize the shop and went back because I liked Mark, the counter guy, and Randy, the smog check expert.

Prices are reasonable and they're honest. Plus, Mark's a great joker. Several reviewers have called him "rude," but he's just having fun when he dishes out lines like, "We don't do smog any more; now we're into garlic lemonade," or quotes crazy wrong prices, "That'll be $60,000." It's more fun if you can toss the humor ball back with snappy banter.
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— Katie W.
Great service fast and efficient. I will be taking all my cars here from now on. Randy was a chill guy.
— Mike M.